Kipapa Ohana Reunion
When: Date: To be determined soon at Time: To be determined soon
Where: Place: Honolulu
91-1210 Aawa Drive
Ewa Beach, HI
United States

Contact: Lopaka Brown

November 30, 2007                     


The 2007 Kipapa Reunion in Hilo on November 9th to the 11th was a great success. Mahalo to the Hawaii Island Ohana for a job well done. On the last day of the Hilo reunion it was suggested and agreed upon that, the 2009 Kipapa Ohana Reunion be held in Honolulu. 

On Monday November 26, 2007 at 12:15 pm our first meeting was held at Zippy's in Kapolei. In attendence was Luis Lonoaea Jr., his wife Leialoha and myself Lopaka Brown. We shared questions and ideas to be presented and confirmed in the near future.  Here are some of our suggestions.

1. Do we need a website? Yes.  This website will be our main communication hub to correspond and  pass on information to one another and is very cost effective. It has features that are easy and fun to use. It offers a series of pages so that our Ohana and reunion attendees can register, make payments online, make suggestions, add photos, vote on issues, and more. Snail mail, phone and e-mail is still another option for those who choose to use that system of communication. 

2. Do we need a reunion Committee? Absolutely. To be organized at the Dec. 18th meeting at Lopaka's residence.

3. Do we open the reunion up to all the decendents of the 12 children of Kipapa and Kekapa? We thought that we should include everyone. Subject to confirmation vote.

4. Do we need to do fundraisers and ask for donations?  Yes. We thought it would help to off set some of the cost and possibly lower the registration fees. Subject to confirmation.

5. Where will we hold the reunion? "Kualoa Park" was one suggestion. This subject is still open for opinion. If you have any other locations in mind  please put on the website and we'll add it to the Poll page for a vote.

6. Where and when will we hold our next meeting?  At Lopaka Brown's House on Tuesday December 18th 2007 early evening. Please, attend if you can, we need to put our volunteer committee together. If you can make it to the meeting please post it on the website or you may contact me at the address below. We are having Stew and Rice. Pleases come.

Robert K. Lopaka Brown
91-1210 Aawa Drive
Ewa Beach, Hawaii 96706
808-258-3743 cell
808-681-3717 Hm e-mail

It looks like we are off to a good start.


Lopaka Brown

3rd Kipapa Ohana Reunion Meeting
When: Friday January 25, 2008 at 6:30 pm
Where: Lopaka Browns House
91-1210 Aawa Drive
Ewa Beach, HI

Contact: Lopaka Brown
December 28, 2007

Aloha Kipapa Ohana,

On December 18, 2007 6:30 pm, our 2nd Kipapa Ohana Reunion committee meeting was held at Lopaka Brown's house at 91-1210 Aawa Drive, Ewa Beach, HI 96706.

In attendance was:
Lopaka Brown and wife Amy L. Jones
Luis Lono Lonoaea and wife Leialoha
Robert Lopaka Woods and wife Sheila

As we ate our stew and rice we all got aquianted with each other and then went on to talk about what needs to happen in preparing for our next Kipapa Ohana Reunion for 2009.

1. We agreed that the web site will be a very important tool for everyone to participate in the organizing, and preparation of our 2009 Kipapa Ohana Reunion. A pay online page will be established on the web site so we can make payments online, like T-shirts, Family registration cost and so forth. So, past the web address ( ) on to everyone you know and urge them to register and use the web site for communicating with one another.

2. We then agreed that in order for us to set dates, times, location, events, cost per family and types of food etc... We have to have a head count of all our Ohana who will or will not attend the 2009 Reuion to give us a general idea for our planning. So, it is up to us to get the ball rolling. Contact everyone you know and ask them to sign up, even if they are not attending the reunion. This way we will have a data base of as many Ohana members as possible who my want to attend any future Kipapa Reunions.

3. While sharing our thoughts we agreed that the Reunion will be opened to all decendents of Kipapa and Kekapa's Ohana and 12 children. 

4. Lopaka shared a statement made by his grandmother Aileen Ernestine Chun Ah Sing, grand daughter of Kipapa and Kekapa. Her mother was Piliwale. From this statement we learned that at least 4 of the 12 children died without children (will be reconfirmed if possible). If anyone would like a copy please contact Lopaka Brown by registering on the web site . Also if you have any Ohana information you would like to share please do so on the web site. 

5. We agreed that we will be doing fundraisers to off set the cost of putting the Reunion together. We will also be asking for donations from our Ohana and oursevles as well to help lower the cost per family as much as possible and make it afordable for everyone. As mentioned above, a pay online page will be established soon.

I think I got everything we discussed at the meeting, if I remember anything else I will post it either here or on the Blog page.

Mahalo to all who attended the meeting and to all of our Ohana.

Lopaka Brown

Note: We have yet nominate our officers of the Kipapa Ohana Reunion Committee. We need as many volunteers as we can get so sign up and join in.

Please excuse the typos if there is any.